Years as gold philosophy
sky sailing, restricted much
in sweet wallflowers known to be birds,
bonfires, charmingly cold
after-dinner stupidity
hesitation, wishing garden bells were seasons, works
which handed you the sunset
a flake, sky sea-iris
some of it lying pianos, joyful lights,
spout lips dirt-grimed lady-shining
as most multiform scripts
seeds rise, there’s sunlight
familiar rocks, somber love and God
cathedral on press sheets
red at office flanks
glass image wheels
suddenly without dusk
open you alone,
the way you ripple my eyes,
spread nothing on dead Roman wings
asking the trees for some music – fine jungle halls
to remember
slip poised, together, facing your wings,
conducting the starless sheaf, after all,
we’re finally together


World servant on vacation… not my life at all
in reality, I have no body, this tiny veil of sanity
does not cover my bare, bloody bones… these bones
are there for you, to spit on their shade and move on
proceed to your notebooks and passions… it is no den
of comfort, no immortal item… no amulet
of the past or things continued… no miserable material
identifying my sovereign chemistry… I smoke too much
my soul needs fuel, I drink too much, my blind environment
bleeds for any comfort, shrooms are never Christ
the Light King, merely transitory demands for fiction
ingoing streams of disintegration, windows of bricks, satisfaction
in eternal exercise… in hearts and lines unknown, voids
and scents of electricity, poisoned crows stuffed with magic
she is clearly Death… broken breath link, faith substance
sighed, the principle view… she is Blake – circled, continual
sweeping of eyes, bourbon is never Christ, a carefully-arranged
dense reincarnation
in animal hands instead


Rain falls on our impulses, forbidden formless waves
against sparkles of dancing flowers, shoreward
wet in gallop, hidden along strokes of moonlight
a hopeless song in the wings of dullness

Dead tears, powdered blue gods, furrows of sleep
on bright cruel breasts, beloved rock of sacrifice
never warm, manifold faces of heat, fresh mouths
of bitter rats, terrible children to this country

Dust apples, penetrating the breaking sun, healing mists
of indelicate shining, clamor time, shivering on beds
of frozen leaves, time rises, crying, wistful on fire
to lovers wings, sheets to wrinkled torches

Walking the railway, broke and bridal, unswerving
glades of bohemian roots, square sky fingers, tired
in you, becoming ripples of shell, calm lanterns
vapor of frosty corpses, restless cubes and earthquakes


Nobody's brother, gray candle in cold sky, burning
dream horizon’s dew, dressed in symbolic birds
fever some more, sighing shriveled, dying
in colder groaning, a beautiful muscle
where roses slept of irrelevant patterns
naphthalene’s bitter vapor cast the day
into full soft deliverance, a mourning summit
I found and sang about, and seeking held into
its demise, waves of impotent walls
pain of roads in stone, healing a whore again
asking for asphalt, stamped departure
of soul, darling black glare, grief beautiful
men… street love, colors of galvanized eyelids
encasing my sand into books of leisure and lanterns
in pornographic pride, shining through my window
vibrating metallic death, stripping again, magma bulk
of ribbon starfish, the rain and spit pools
in playmate brittle collapse
hollowly wrapping humble souls in dreams
they’re not my brothers, I’m sorry


Leaving the country in secrecy
in a cloak of twilight
two years in splendor
or death
the far appointment

two years in hiding
there, in caused perfect harmony
breeding songs
in fashionable verse
to please the vacuum audience

I searched my time
I spent it unaccompanied
I worked in stillness
sonorous pebble
my tables were of gold

why go with dangerous instrumentation
why scribble jazz
lack of food
or dancer dramatics’ writers


New walls rise every day, each man is left
shaking, next to the railroad line, Polish
winters are cruel, measuring trains, scraping off rust,
old paint, aluminum swollen eyes, high speed
dancers on linear glass, falling on every mirror:
the next rebirth is closer, a terrible giant
of bathroom wall graffiti, oppression of dogs
in her camera lens, leaning onto each other's
failure, parting ways with beloved folk, fighting
phantoms of coal, running from turnaround friends,
delicate urban deaths, synthetic pastures of god,
time zone choking fingers, while cloths of flesh and dust
uncover the room, so suddenly stripped
off its pride, amazed like you, the woman I'll always lose
and learn to lose again... I'm sorry for the
inconvenience, but this here is cupboard wasteland,
uninhabited poet territory


Her relief appears
drums on a highway
in austere script
chew ultra-violet sun
easy to help you
in last minute sea

of relic brass of trees
phased segments of grief
shine parabolic roofs
in oxygen’s diamond
blood ejected, mild
resembling smoke

I’ll have some coffee, please
and a dreamlike breakfast
far from the city
ionic calm

draw groups of flare
on the table
miles of the moon
soothed afternoon eyes
decades left for further sailors


Sold my collection of old LPs
let the road shine forgotten
allowed the sands to take my name
packed the basics
allowed the pictures to take my face
improvised over the morning
laughed at the immaculate dawn
raced with the night
& won
found my ex in the same old quarter
her favorite corner
asked if she had the will
if the Tarot reads well
if spiders left apartment
found some ancient wine
took her for a walk
met river tribes
seen no policemen
later found my guitar as well
dusted, untouched
knives and candles
buried well in the veil of names
case filled with lyrics, notes
& sand
staggered, coughed
picked a proper doorbell
rang twice
yawned to the end of night
I know that bitch too well
found an answer to sleep
curly hair approached
velvet breath
fingers of azure
winter coat in the middle of June
that's me, approach the lover
kisses from your brothers
both are now dead
good to be back
the city looks brave
perhaps that's because
the prisons are empty


Flame painted sky opens wide
shows nothing
but slow coke heaven
white walls in ruin
prostitute angels
the Red Flower
shows ages of spirit's
slaves' energy
fragmented hands
groping for earth
where they were thrown
immediately after
the Tree
was plucked
shows nothing
but close dementia
messiah madmen
prophesying a very close end
when it's already
& this culture
has nothing more
to offer
but stale repeat performance
feasting on swollen corpses
till it's forgotten
what it's like to
how it's like
to be
& sacred
in mistake


Blackbirds framed heavy
full on your branch, familiar to you
dark budding pools of fingers
autumn chandeliers on fire.

We used your dead bridal cloth
feasted on wistful hermits.
stale high skies, kisses of flowers,
ripples of shells from rage to pain.

And thirteen overcast pines, prophesied
of return. Unswerving glade, so young
and cold, singing of deep calm space
mermaids and easy Indian time.

Pointed street, the root of our planet
hollow, laughing, sedated in little
quakes, crushes the old chandeliers
rushes towards the square sad sky
and makes the blackbirds sing
out of frame.


In unconscious fascination
while floods go planting the city
and girls hum themselves as hope
pulling in small street tails
west-end truths
intervals of the homeless
and damaged deals
take the cabman where
consternation creatures
wild on the road
attach agonized tears
of neglected, vanished
to illustrated
remains of eyes
taking the city
by hurt
where broken
is beautiful


Our houses become a prison…somehow paid
with odd requests – cheerful strings not in store
this is the dawn of true danger – mind games
on mushroom gear and drums, selling ourselves to Muzak
tailored governments…accepting foreign gods
and leaders…nickels on the motordrome…
slob beauty – bumblebee bubble
sun-energized workbench, ribs and powder
young clapping night

Our houses become a prison…god rope girl, floating
fork, the prize and questioned direction – desert out
on gaudy trains, fantastic nipples, frosty vitamins
of youth – alive orbital thing – solid fence airplane
in safe gyrations, American symbol – asteroids mixed
with books, funk prophet wad
obsolete minutes lost in heartbeat, exploring your
ocean… yeah, I could… kiss… you

Our houses become a prison…happening arms
blow jobs – examine recent years, your tingling shirt lifts
illusion, practical, then alone
possible spare parts
mildly protesting own mouths
grounded against the building
gravity slaves
it’s usually Earth, man…
land your machine


Life called devils
the morning
sorrow and longing
fingers of native sun
thought only of themselves
blessed in exiled
colors of thunder
the ”who”, the “so”
of a stormy sunrise
strange vivifying
warmth and power
in dead town eyes
filled with pain
where wait of strength
suicide streets
and years of frost
were islands
of I, who
was poor
and had age
to die like a dog
on another


We had rum and pretty wishes
on island-ideas
of fault, restoration
and time… but you,
my constant surfing angel
slipping on dust, aquariums crashing
into the morning
you saw the details of sky
spoke of sex
Indian massacres
pirate’s fuel
reefs and shark skin… fishes
echoed your grin… then there was
yourself… lost in expedition
with balanced western minds
circling brave for identity
diving in death
of ancient stars, mermaid
horses, drinking cold
salt-water, fading with
a dying nebula – we existed
a thousand tongues and roofs
below… passer-byes to wreck
coast… a year or two ago
what’s the color of town now,
my cordial boat still sailing?


What killed me
was not enough
the holy, clear visioned edge
of a scalpel
lover of god
consuming dreams

Fire or dew
the comfort of my tomb
is a long road
to habit
that grew incredibly young
and tired of thought

Now quiet even sighs
run the dark bright
remembering lament

My youth has loved the wind
fire unburning

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